Dedicated To Connecting Low Cost Producing Countries With High Demand Growth Markets

UNICIOUS is a reputable oil and gas trader based in Singapore. Incorporated in 2014, we started with a humble background as a brokering firm with an office in Singapore which have expanded to offices in Dubai and Switzerland.



Our devoted team of professionals is always available to serve you and your needs around the clock.

Global Network

Global Network

We continuously expand to numerous markets around the world to seize growing global demand and maximise growth opportunities.

Quality Service

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on providing the highest service standards for all our clients with professionalism and dedication.

Financial Partners

Financial Partners

We have strong financial support from leading international and local banks due to our reputation as a reliable and credible trader in the oil and gas industry.

Our Services

We believe in establishing stronger foundations with our clientele, providing the utmost respect and loyalty to our suppliers and buyers.

Cargo Trading

Unicious’ cargo trading focuses on crude, petroleum, and petrochemicals.

Bunker Trading

With our global network of suppliers and expertise, our trading team will help you handle the complexities of fuel procurement planning, pricing and delivery options, logistics and fuel specifications according to your needs.

Aviation Fuel

Unicious provides the most extensive refueling networks, supplying fuel, lubricants, and sustainable solutions in many countries.

Risk Management

Unicious is equipped with the necessary expertise and in-depth understanding of market trends that allows us to mitigate our clients’ risk exposure in a highly volatile, complex and competitive industry. We are kept abreast of current market conditions and geopolitical situations.

Our Global Network

Our reach and strong market presence in the global market. Unicious continue to grow our footprint in new markets to seize increasing global demand and maximise growth opportunities. We also associate with a wide diverse range of suppliers, trading agents, trading brokers, and platforms in this world.

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