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Dedicated To Connecting Low Cost Producing Countries With High Demand Growth Markets

Unicious is a reputable oil and gas trader based in Singapore. Incorporated in 2014, we started with a humble background as a brokering firm with an office in Singapore which have expanded to offices in Dubai and Switzerland. 


Our devoted team of professionals is always available to serve you and your needs around the clock.

Global Network

We continuously expand to numerous markets around the world to seize growing global demand and maximise growth opportunities.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on providing the highest service standards for all our clients with professionalism and dedication.

Financial Partners

We have strong financial support from leading international and local banks due to our reputation as a reliable and credible trader in the oil and gas industry.

Our Global Network

Our reach and strong market presence in the global market. Unicious continue to grow our footprint in new markets to seize increasing global demand and maximise growth opportunities. We also associate with a wide diverse range of suppliers, trading agents, trading brokers, and platforms in this world.


Unicious has proven to show an in-depth commitment towards responsible growth and strategic partnerships for diverse trading opportunities. We strive to deliver products that exceed client expectations and are guided by a strong code of values. Our values allow us to establish stronger foundations with our clientele, providing the utmost respect and loyalty to our suppliers and buyers.


Unicious operates with integrity and strictly adheres to all international and local regulations and laws. We create a relationship of trust and transparency with our business partners and clients to achieve long term strategic partnerships.


Our team is passionate about meeting our clients’ comprehensive needs and providing exceptional services and quality products that will exceed client expectations. We work closely with our clients to maximise yield and reduce costs with cost-effective solutions.


To keep up with new market trends in an ever-evolving industry, we continually explore new frontiers through innovative solutions and harness our expertise to serve our clients’ needs. Our team is empowered to challenge the status quo with ingenuity and responsibility.


Our continued success depends on a safe and sustainable platform for our business partners and clients, by enhancing our risk management to mitigate risks in a volatile industry. We also ensure our employees and stakeholders are working in a safe environment.

Our Services

Our core services are bounded within trading platforms and brokering services and would expand our service sectors within the upcoming months. Our trading platforms are proven to diminish supplier chain costs for our clientele and provide products precisely according to client specifications. Our brokering services provide safer fences for buyers, as we take pride in our responsibility by providing the client with the product that aids their wants based on their price ranges. In addition, we have risk management solutions in place to mitigate our clients’ risks in a volatile industry.

Cargo Trading

Bunker Trading

Risk Management

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