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Our Establishment

Unicious was founded in 2014 by a team of dedicated people, with a visionary thought of establishing stronger foundations between commodity producers and end-users.

Since our establishment, we have proven to show an in-depth commitment towards responsible growth and strategic partnerships for diverse trading opportunities. We have a growing team of 15 talented and highly experienced professionals to serve our global and regional clients with unparalleled market and product knowledge.

Headquartered in Singapore, Unicious has rapidly expanded its offices in Dubai and Switzerland. We cater to a global network of clients, with a strong market presence in the Middle East and Asia, providing a diverse range of crude, petroleum and petrochemicals products and services in the oil and gas industry.
Our Standards

We strive to deliver products that exceed client expectations and are guided by a strong code of values, which are integrity, passion, innovation and safety. 

We believe in establishing stronger foundations with our clientele, providing the utmost respect and loyalty to our suppliers and buyers.





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