Risk Management

Our risk management solutions work in tandem with our trading services for our clients. Without compromising on risk management, our team will create a customised strategy that maximises yield and reduces costs. Our risk management team will identify and eliminate different risks in our trading processes and decisions.

We implement and enforce risk management systems, compliance policies, internal control policies and procedures to ensure we comply with compliance and regulatory requirements. This reduces regulatory risks.

We conduct necessary checks and consistent due diligence on our new and existing business partners to reduce credit and counterparty risks from credit defaults. We also examine the impact of these risks on Unicious’ financials and delivery commitments.

We calibrate our risk framework to mitigate price risks according to our risk appetite and trading strategies. This includes professional hedging with financial derivative tools to alleviate price fluctuations, as well as having robust banking solutions to ensure our transactions and payments are reliable and secure. 

We monitor product risks affiliated with different product types, as well as the safety risks involved in the storage and transportation of our oil and gas products.

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