About Us

The headquarters of Unicious is based in Singapore but we also cater to clientele throughout United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, China & Europe with a diverse range of products in the industries of Oil & Gas

Founded in 2014

Unicious was founded in 2014, with a visionary thought of establishing stronger foundations between commodity producers and end users, this was brought to reality by Sabil Siddique the founder of the Unicious group

Our Standards

We strive to deliver products that exceed client expectations and are guided by a strong code of values, which are integrity, passion, innovation and safety

Sabil, Managing Partner

And I solemnly promise to keep my word and make Unicious a trademark in the industries of Oil & Gas throughout the world.

Our clients always comes first, we will strive to exceed client expectations and deliver products precise to client requirements. We will assure the best of services we can provide to our clients and work diligently to serve them with the utmost care and respect.

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